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Absolutely different from social networks like LinkedIn or Facebook because  is dedicated only for Doctors and medical professionals. The biggest and world’s first dedicated platform for networking among medical professionals.

What is DocnTalk -  (

DocNTalk is platform for enabling networking among Doctors and future Doctors, Medical product and services organizations to leverage the "power of community and connections". Revolution happens when likeminded people come together to discuss and share their ideas on the platform designed to empower the medical industry.  Launched in March 2012, DNT goals to features the best networking and grouping options for medical professionals.  


•       The world’s First professional networking website for Doctors and Future Doctors ONLY.
•       Provides an easy way to promote yourself and build your network in same community.
•       Allows you to find Doctors and connect with them through the system without needing their email address.
·       A easy platform to endorse your researches, ideas and building great network. 

How it is use full for Doctors and Future Doctors

•       DocNTalk will help you to connect Doctors around the World.
•       Doctors can update you about Innovative research in Medical Field, New Technology, and Thesis etc.
•       You can publish your researches and get attraction from all over the Worlds Doctor community
•       DocNTalk will update you about Medical Events, Day to Day News etc..
•       Future Doctors can get connected with doctors and researchers around the globe.
•       A tool full of knowledge for Doctors to get updated on things day to day.

How DocNTalk is use full in Medical profession

•      DocNTalk will create one Public Profile Page for Doctors like .
•      Your specialities, Practice, experience are visible on your profile.
•      The most important thing is that People can ask any query to Doctors.
•      It will help you to increase presence in public, in result increase public Relationship.